Back Doors
Patio Doors

A patio door is also known as a sliding door. It has a fixed pane and a mobile one that slides on the side. They can also be made in pairs, the middle part resembling a french door. Is a great option if you don't want your doors to open inside, talking up your living space.

French Doors

Simple and stylish the french door is the answer for a smaller opening.

It can open inside or outside, depending on the needs of your home.

Bi-fold Doors

Another option for large openings is the Bi-fold.

It can be made in PVC with plenty of colors or wood grain finishings to choose from or in Aluminium. 

The Bi-fold Aluminium range is available only in matt finishing and any color of the RAL chart can be chosen.

The beauty of a Bi-fold is that it can be made in up to 5 panes and when is completely opened allows you to fully enjoy your outside space.

Plain Doors

For your back door, you can choose any panel or combination of glass and panel.

But why not go full glass? The bigger the glass surface, the lighter! If you are still worried by nosey neighbours, just choose one of the many glass patterns.

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